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  1. Ashwag24
    Sat May 27, 2017 9:04 pm
    Message by Ashwag24 - Hey
    So I have this idea let me know if I should start it!

    A woman who is independent doesn't want children but when she finds out her sister passes away during child birth and no one knows who the father is she is left with the baby. Not being around her sister for years she has no clue as to who she was dating or if she even was dating so she try's to find the father of her nephew, but with no luck. 5 years later she is getting ready to put the boy in school, when they go for a introduction there is a man that is all too familiar looking.

    He is there with his sister and niece because he helps them all the time and will be picking her up all the time as his niece lost her father. He looks over at the woman thinking she looks familiar as she looks a lot like the girl he thought he would fall in love with. But this woman had a child, and that child looked exactly like how he did when he was a boy.

    So on and so on!

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