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Strangers in Our Midst *revised and open to all*

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Strangers in Our Midst *revised and open to all*

Post by Mizho Sohma on Wed Nov 26, 2014 1:43 am

Years ago many alien planets began to die so they set out for new homes. Earth is now home to the two types of aliens to include the humans. One is a fey like alien, with horns and all sorts of things. The other is an angelic sort. Both are unearthly beautiful. Their time was spent peacefully, they were only interested in living. Once humans found out about them a war started and now all aliens are in trouble of extinction. How will they resolve the war?

Name: (alien) Starnune Lusaine
Human: Star Louis
Age: 16
Race: angelic alien (sorry no creativity for names)
Bio: both her parents died when she was young. Humans murdered them and forced her to watch. That's a story for another time. At current she lives on the street and does what she can to survive.
Looks: will be posted in the avi.

I need a guy to come in and stuff. It'd be nice to have others jump in as well but I really only need 1 person. Guy must have enough money to support them and can be any of the aliens or human.
Mizho Sohma
rescued by an Angel

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