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The New Squad *open to all*

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The New Squad *open to all*

Post by Mizho Sohma on Fri Feb 14, 2014 12:24 pm

A team of elite ninja genin. Will they pass their survival test to get in that their sensei who has never passed anyone has given to them. Then, there's one girl who is a master at all 3 jutsus', specifically genjutsu or the illusion jutsu. She has made new ones, like how to not only cause fear or pain, but also pleasure to distract men. She was the top female in her class, and got paired with the top male and the worst male. All teams are made of 1 girl because there are twice as many boys. Will her journey be full of adventures and great times? Or pain and misery?

Name: Sasuke Katome
age: 13
gender: girl
squad: 7
Bio: her parents were killed when she was young. She had hid in the closet and watched helplessly. She vowed that day she would never go through that again. She has liked the top guy and was secretly glad he was in her team. She couldn't admit that though.
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