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Red Riding......Hoot (1x1 open)

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Red Riding......Hoot (1x1 open)

Post by Mizho Sohma on Fri Dec 06, 2013 11:55 pm

When I was little I was known for wearing my red hoodie. It started in middle school, when my parents died. Everyone called it a joke, but to me it signified something. It signified their death. I chose a blood red hoodie for their death, and red for the story Little Red Ridding Hood. We all know about the wolf who tried to trick her. Only this wolf was more than a trick. He wanted her to be his "child" as he called her. Her family, mom dad and stepdad, were all out on a camping trip. That's when the wolf attacked them. It killed her mother and stepfather, and he father was gone. They later found his body in a nearby ditch, with a bullet in his chest. Well, I didn't get hurt but I found out that my dad wasn't who I thought it was. A week after this, I turned into a screech owl. I was afraid of this new power, but I was glad it wasn't a werewolf. It is better this way. I realized that red ridding hood, had it's own sadistic twist for me.

Name: Julie Staton
Age: 19
Race: um, I don't think it has an actual race, so we'll say shapeshifter
Bio: more to come
Pic: later

choose any creature you want
Mizho Sohma
rescued by an Angel

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