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The Next Generation *open join*

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The Next Generation *open join*

Post by Mizho Sohma on Sun Sep 01, 2013 8:08 am


All across the world it had been happening. The changing. People getting weaker, and hardly able to stand this new Earth. Ever since 2034, the Earth had been changing in this way. Really the Earth's change had begun with polution, and everyone knew what was going on and yet, they only did it more. Everyone thought they knew what would happen when we finally poluted the Earth into death. We thought a quick, yet slow death of our people might happen.

We have not yet reached Earth's death. Though many signs were there. Then, in 2034, the other changes appeared. New diseases, illnesses. Even mental diseases. New animals just appeared here, and we know because after studying one, we could not find a single trace of any known species. No one suspected what this meant. Nor questioned it. Then after 10 years, it got worse. This made everyone realize the truth.

The Earth was fighting back.

Tired of war and pollution, and everything we had done, Earth was taking it's fate and spinning it. Twisting it so that in it's final years, it can torture the species that lived on it. That is, until we changed.

It began in one country, Japan. They said that the first child born in 2039 had been strange. Through all the things that we had been through, this child seemed to resist it. We found out he was not born, but made resistant. Somehow America got their hands on this drug, but no one else had. America opened a "hospital" where 10 hand selected women would give birth, and they all died supposedly in child birth along with their children. This hospital kept them all, raised them, and studied them. Until finally they got loose. All 12 unstable children. With the exception of a few who are somewhat stable.

When they go through your town, it won't be there when they leave. They destroy things. So imagine how people feel when those stable few stumble in for a night or two, and how they feel when they leave.

So these children also have powers, not all same but not all different. Pick any thing you can think of

Name: Arianna "Air" (last name isn't required since they wouldn't know it)
Age: 17
Power: weather, telepath
Skills: hand to hand combat, gun, archery, Judo, fencing, and some home ec stuff
Stability: mostly stable
Bio: I was locked in a hospital all my life. I never knew what a mother or a father was. I never learned the term 'friend' or 'love'. Some think my heart is cold and black, but there is much more than anyone else knows. I stay out of trouble, but trouble can't stay out of me. I was recently released into this world of which I know so little of with no family or guardians to care for me. I now must find my own way, and my own home. Or else this world might just swallow me whole.
Pic: I'll get to it later.
Mizho Sohma
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